I have received these images of some of the newest work from Mia Maljojoki. Thank you Mia for sending it to me.

The necklace is from her final presentation at Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, München, Germany. The collection is called “ICICLE BALLAD”, Selected works 2008-2010. The materials are plaster, pigment, alginate, paint, plastic, shell, bead, pearl, ruby, string, rubber, strap, silver, gold and stainless steel.

She writes: “I freeze moments. Ice is formed by temperature, pressure, and sometimes the direction of gravity. My work is formed by motion, mood, and play between intention and result. I cast, wash, bite, scratch, throw, scrub, break, and pour. This can last a few minutes or can be done in layers taking many months. Can’t emotion be solid”

Take a look at her website.

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All iamges are fotographed by Mirei Takeuchi.

Written by Trine [ArtForward]

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