Another thing that fascinates me is nature and how we can use it in our creative work – it is a great source of inspiration.

Rosa Nogués is a good example of a jeweller who – as I see her jewellery – get inspiration from nature and integrate nature in her work. These 4 images are from the blog Amaranto joies…

What about you? What roles does nature play in your work… if any? How do you get inspired and how is it interpretated in your work? I would love to see examples of how nature has been the source of inspiration for you…

Below you can see how I have been inspired by nature – and incorporated wood in my work. Using wood is a very “direct” way of incorporating nature in jewellery – in other pieces of my jewellery nature is present in the shape or as an indirect source of inspiration.

Written by Trine [ArtForward]

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