I feel so privileged receiving images of inspiring jewellery. Thank you all for sending it to me. It is such a pleasure to share it here at the blog.

Today’s blogpost have images from Blandine LUCE. I very much like the texture at the rings and also the way she has integrated wood.

Blandine LUCE writes about the jewel called “a jewel: a small piece of urban”:

“The city offers a complex and diverse, disparate and
plural, both chaotic and orderly, is a subject that fascinates me.
I like to explore the urban reality as it does not look or more, making
in its most ordinary. I like the “in-between”
Architectural sometimes considered too commonplace or ordinary lead
interest to justify a look or one stops there, bolts, screws,
beams, broken or worn by time.
Create a jewel is a conscious dialogue with the material, form and
ideas and also give me the opportunity to build, to recreate a small
portable architecture. The city offers me the potential places that I
can combine shapes and materials to form
structures.” Blandine LUCE (june 2010)

Written by Trine [ArtForward]

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