I feel so priviliged. I have started to receive e-mails from people around the world telling me about their work. It is both jewellers whom I have blogged about previously who send me images of new work as well as new jewellers who have heard about the blog. Wow… what a privilliged situation. I am so happy that you contact me – show me new pieces of work, tell me about exhibitions and other jewellery activities and suggest new jewellers to the blog. Thank you so much.

And here is one of the messages I receiced. It is from Maria Jose Fabrega from Ecuador…“I was going through your blog ( ART FORWARD contemporary jewelry) and I find it fascinating! The variety of all these little wearable art pieces from all over the world is incredible. I love your support for art jewelry! It so important to share it with the world and your blog is a great way of doing it!”. 

It really made me happy. I find her work inspiring and it is a pleasure to show it to you here. She is trained as a jeweler at RISD, USA. The pieces are from her “Less is More” Collection. You find more of her work at her website:

Written by Trine [ArtForward]

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