The other day I received a mail from Stina Lind og Kevin James, a Danish/Australian desing duo. I found it quit interesting to explore their website and I especially would like to show you these pieces – all in black. It is quit interesting to see how strong an influence the colour has on the expression.

Stina Lind and Kevin James writes about themselves at their website: LIND&JAMES is a contemporary and new fangled jewellery design and production collective. The focus of the directors Stina Lind and Kevin James Egan is to explore and create non-traditional jewellery, using a conceptual vernacular that is both distinctive and recognisable in its expression and outcomes. The jewellery is distinguished by a strong visual language that is captivating and thought-provoking whilst being engaging.

Educated at the Sir John Cass faculty of Art, Media and Design in London, Stina Lind and Kevin James Egan developed a solid comprehension of design values and then promptly set out to interpret them using their own unique visual language. Their modus operandi embraces humour, wit, reinvention, and an inclination to explore the avant-garde. They possess a deep-seeded ability to think laterally and spearhead new ideas that inspire and amaze in a very competitive jewellery design climate.

Written by Trine [ArtForward]

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