Diana Rolo writes about her work: “Someone told me one day:
-“Do you realize that ever since in your work the sphere or round shapes are always present? (…)” My first reaction was of surprise, because I never had noticed the strong presence of this shape in my personal work, but then, after a bit of reflection, yes, it was true, the round shape was in almost every work made by myself. Then, I wanted to know more, to discover the relationship between this shape and myself.
This project is a quest for answers to this concern. The will to explore this familiar shape in a way that now is conscient, is an adventure through the world of shapes of my unconscious, where I have conjugated shapes with shapes, where I have opened myself to myself and to my dreams, and where all my pretensions were possible, because I let them. I was free and worked freely.”

Diana Rolo is part of the group of jewellery-artists BORAX 08001. You find her website here.

Written by Trine [ArtForward]

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