When I saw the work by Mari Ishikawa I became so inspired.

The above pieces of work are part of the exhibition “Parallel Worlds” in Wasserschloss Klaffenbach in  Chemnitz, Germany (28 May – 3 July 2011). If I lived a little closer I would defenitely go and see the exhibition.

She writes about the exhibition:

Where does a “Parallel World“ exist.

In a different universe?

Can one discover this world through time travel?

Is it perhaps possible to see this world in a dream?

Or does it only exist in one’s heart?

The world we see is only a part of the entire reality

which is composed of many worlds existing simultaneously,

side by side.

We can find “Parallel Worlds”

whenever we open our eyes and hearts.

They are always with us.

I suggest you visit her website to see more…

Written by Trine [ArtForward]

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