Gitte Nygaard writes about her work: ”

To Binchotan and Black, is a series of experiments with the material Binchotan, also known as purifying white charcoal.
Working with a material in its most unadulterated form, with a minimum of manipulations and added elements, the aim
is a raw and almost unprocessed outcome.

Binchotan originates from Japan and is manufactured by a centuries old tradition, which takes sustainability in production
into account. Binchotan is basically carbonized Oakwood, and the stems and branches are harvested without harming the
tree’s root structure. Unlike commonly known black charcoal, the burning method for Binchotan consists of capturing the
carbon in the wood without allowing it to escape as CO2.”

I recommend that you take a look at her website.

Written by Trine [ArtForward]

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