On March 16th 2012 Helle Bjerrum opens a new solo exhibition called STATUS at Gallery Bærbart.

She describes the exhibition like this: As the title indicates, I have explored status as a theme. The word status relates both to material values and to one’s standing in terms of reputation and position.

How status is achieved varies with time and prevailing trends as well as social and geographic context.

In my design and choice of materials I have aimed for close links with the theme. Hence it is possible to find aspects of meaning in many details of the jewellery.

The works cover a wide range of facets of the overarching theme: status related to material value, status related to sites and property, status as something that is actively reproduced in culture and the fact that, traditionally, the two sexes have acquired status in different ways.

Visit Heller Bjerrums website here.

Written by Trine [ArtForward]

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