Karin Roy Andersson writes about the project:

The Clownfish

What is your opinion of the Act of Succession?
The clownfish is nowadays common in aquariums in Sweden. They have become known and popular a lot because of the film “Finding Nemo”. What most people do not know about them is their remarkable hierarchy system. The shoal consists of one reproducing couple where the female is the largest one and the one with the highest precedence. The other fish are no fertile males. But what happens if for example he female dies? Well, among the clownfish the second largest fish, the fertile male, gets bigger, changes sex and take the role as the new matriarch. At the same time one of the smaller fish becomes sexually mature and grows a bit to place himself in the position as responsible for the growth of the colony.

Written by Trine [ArtForward]



Amazing story, it’s reflecting the Karin Roy’s work. Those are incredible works, I love texture, structure and sense of changing/muvement^thank you for sharing””

Mette Darre

I have never seen anything like it! So much creativity! So many new ideas. Love the jewellery!

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