From the collection ‘Something Interesting is Sure to Happen!’ I would like to show you these pieces. Farrah Al-Dujaili writes about the collection:
“In a previous small collection of jewellery I introduced the use of blackboard paint and chalk markers within the work, to suggest the possibility to the wearer to remove my chalk marks and transform the pieces with their own. I have created a new collection of sculptural objects whose main function is to invite this interaction. Textiles and plastic coating have been used alongside my metal work. The pieces can be covered in varying amounts of chalk to suggest the transformative nature of the pieces.
These objects are artificial fossils, discovered in the same imagined environment my most recent collection ‘Into the garden at once’ originated. Inspired by structures found within plants and skeletons they seek to morph the characteristics of each into new organisms. The interaction of chalk applied to the surface of each piece will reveal the skeleton structures hidden within.”
She is part of Collect_ive. Collect_ive is made up of eight contemporary British jewellers who have come together to exhibit work that pushes the boundaries of what contemporary jewellery can be.

Written by Trine [ArtForward]

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paula huizenga

Simply BEAUTIFULL, please keep me informed.

Regards Paula

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