Interchangable paper disc and silver brooch.

Honey Bee Pin

Baby for dinner necklace.

4 calves then spent pin.

Antibiotic chicken pin.

There are many thoughts and a message behind this collection ‘Food for Thought’. She writes:

“What are you eating and how is it produced?

Industrial farming systems are highly productive but at what cost…

The Food for Thought series is a self-directed project that aims to provoke thought about the negative implications of industrial farming processes. The notion of ‘change’ is explored visually through modified generic figurative shapes.

I aim to create tension and a second look through the juxtaposition of mutated figures and the lightness and beauty of the materials used.”

More images and information at her website. She is also part of Collect_ive Art Jewellers.

Written by Trine [ArtForward]

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