linedrawer300 scissorstalisman (1) tieholder300 Fliss Quick,wishi'd joined the foreign legion, necklace (1)

These pieces all belong to the series “Office Folk”.

“Office Folk” explores what happens when the spirit of ‘folk’ interrupts the usual expectations of an office environment. Bored office workers, who linger in the stock cupboard, find alternative uses for the tools and stationery they discover.

In an effort to counter the abstract labour and diminished autonomy of the office, workers develop tactics to make their environment more habitable. They fashion ad-hoc solutions in response to banal situations; inventions which serve their own needs not those of the management.

Employing makeshift methods office workers mis-appropriate and adapt common place objects to create escritoires (desk companions) to tickle, cheer and interrupt the daily grind; pieces of quiet rebellion.

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Written by Trine [ArtForward]

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