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These pieces of work are from the ‘Would you happy me?’ collection:

Wedding….the happiest moment of your life? A moment full of joy that you’ve been sharing with many people: the happy feeling of being with someone special. Sometimes it fades, but you’ll never forget that special day. The small box worn inside your hand will keep reminding you of your beloved; as the gold ring will slightly change through the year, and the pigments in the box will leave traces behind you.
Anaïs Paulard writes about her work: Anaïs’ art jewellery explores our emotional states and their effects on others. Her work is inspired by human experience. A beginning and an end; birth – death. In between things happen: falling in love, loss, disease, moving… A balance between happiness and sadness, between colour and darkness. Anaïs likes to make connections between people and create a deep interaction between her jewellery and the wearer. By spreading pigments, leaking ink, blowing polystyrene beads, her work becomes alive, leaving the marks and traces of our feelings behind us. This is jewellery that makes our feelings tangible, material, palpable, shared! What does it mean to be human? What is the value of life if we don’t share our emotions with others? Jewellery is a travelling art, a wonderful way to bring and share art with people.
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Written by Trine [ArtForward]

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