Being with Gitte Bjørn’s pieces, and with her BODY & SOUL, we forget all about conformity, about perfection and current ideals and we move towards something far more potent – we get to meet ourselves. Exactly the way we are. (Master Fatman)

I have showed you work by Gitte Bjørn before, and it is such a pleasure, to show you work from her latest exhibition at Museum Koldinghus (March – May 2015).


GitteBjoern_1b GitteBjoern_2b


GitteBjoern_3 GitteBjoern_4GitteBjoern_8 GitteBjoern_9 GitteBjoern_5 GitteBjoern_12b GitteBjoern_6


GitteBjoern_10 GitteBjoern_7


Here is what she wrote about her work in the Exhibition Catalog:


And it’s frightfully annoying not being able to fit ones clothes!

How on earth has this happened, you may ask?

Well, in my case, this can’t be blamed on stuffing my face

out of misery, Quite the opposite.

In fact I have never felt better!

I have been enjoying fantastic food and amazing wines.

And I have been talking, listening and learning.

Like a slobbering Labrador I’ve been lapping it all up!

And whilst the extra pounds have been making themselves

at home on my tummy and thighs I’ve learned more about

myself than I thought possible.

And I’ve learned to love myself as I am.

This exhibition is therefore all about indulgence, self-awareness, acceptance and, not least, love!

I truly hope all these positive feelings and emotions

prove contagious to the beholder!


The Exhibition will take place in Copenhagen at: 

Bredgade 10
1260 København K
3. september – 26. september 2015

Written by Trine [ArtForward]

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