Nature is very often a source of inspiration for the works showed at this blog. It is also the case for Sanna Svedestedt in her RAW collection.


She writes about her work:

This collection is inspired by the clash between nature and modern society. The pieces have an organic quality that reminds me of bark on trees, and at the same time the surface in this collection is a hint towards rain wet asphalt on well structured roads. The work of designer Elsa Schiaparelli and her surreal silhouettes were also inspirational to me during this process. The sources of inspiration might seem scattered but for my work the influences often comes from separate points and boils down to one strong voice. At talking about boiling, that is exactly how these pieces are created.

I experiment with an old leather shaping technique called Cuir Bouilli. With the right touch, and quite a lot of stubbornness, the leather transforms into the desired shape. By partly controlling the effect of hot water on the skin, and partly letting “nature have its way” – every piece becomes unique.

Jewellery from this collection was selected for the touring exhibition From the Coolest Corner, 2013-2015.

Take a look at her website.

Written by Trine [ArtForward]

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