Julia Walter, The Netherlands

Julia Walter is interested in temporary solutions. She says: Since I live in the Netherlands I find myself surrounded by temporary solutions a lot. I was especially surprised and fascinated how houses in the center of Amsterdam are temporarily fixed and protected from bending over and falling to the side.I started a collection of photos that… Read more »

Manon van Kouswijk, Dutch living in Australia

Manon describe about her work: Manon is interested in the universal qualities of jewellery and other personal objects, the value and meaning they represent and the different roles they have in exchanges between people as gifts, souvenirs, heirlooms. In her work she makes aspects of the way we use and handle things visible in the… Read more »

Hanna Liljenberg, Sweden

Is it a flower, is it moss? Hanna Liljenberg uses paper, paint, lacquer and silver when she creates her beautiful little pieces of art. It looks almost alive – don’t you think?     Take a look at her website.

Felieke van der Leest, The Netherlands

Colours – animals – stories. Felieke van der Leest combines textile, plastic animal, gold, glass beads, leather crocheted, embroidered in her jewellery. It is facinating… take a look. Take a look at her website.

Sanna Svedestedt, Sweden

Nature is very often a source of inspiration for the works showed at this blog. It is also the case for Sanna Svedestedt in her RAW collection. She writes about her work: ABOUT THE RAW SERIES This collection is inspired by the clash between nature and modern society. The pieces have an organic quality that… Read more »

Eva Burton, Argentine living in Spain

  Find more of her work that can be worn by both women and men at her website.

Gitte Nygaard, Denmark

  It is not often that we see the process of making the jewellery. It is the final result that matters for most of us. The process of making the jewellery can, however, be very interesting. Can it also be beautiful and of interest to the audience? Gitte Nygaard asked herself that question in her collection Cherryup.  She writes… Read more »

Jiro Kamata, Japanese living in Germany

Find more about the work of Jiro Kamata here: www.jirokamata.com www.facebook.com/kamatajiro

Gitte Bjørn, Denmark

Being with Gitte Bjørn’s pieces, and with her BODY & SOUL, we forget all about conformity, about perfection and current ideals and we move towards something far more potent – we get to meet ourselves. Exactly the way we are. (Master Fatman) I have showed you work by Gitte Bjørn before, and it is such a pleasure,… Read more »

Eun Mi Chun, Korea

          All images from this gallery.    

  • More by Helen Clara Hemsley, Denmark

    From her collection ‘I never played tennis’ which was displayed at the Mette Saabye Gallery last year I would like to show you these beautiful pieces of work by Helen Clara Hemsley.

  • Emma Price, Australia

      Emma does not have a website. You can find more of her work at her gallery – Gallery Funaki. This is a series of neckpieces made from hand-made tubes of copper, silver, gold and brass.  She doesn’t make these particular pieces anymore, but her Gallery tells that they will be showing new work by… Read more »

  • Helen Clara Hemsley, Denmark

    The work by Helen Clara Hemsley was nominated to the St. Loye Award. Friday 24th of August the Award ceremony of the St. Loye Award 2012 was launched. The prestigious talent Award comes with 100.000 DKK. and is presented by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark on behalf of Copenhagen’s Goldsmith Guild. It is… Read more »

  • Farrah Al-Dujaili, England

      She writes about her work – at her website: My design methodology revolves around the act of drawing as an intuitive and subconscious process; geometric and organic components ‘grow’ alongside each other to create hybrid forms not overtly floral, but organic and playful. Fragments are created and later constructed to create the idiosyncratic detailing… Read more »

  • Annette Dam, Denmark

    Annette Dam was the winner of the 2012 St. Loye Award with these beautiful pieces of work. Friday 24th of August the Award ceremony of the St. Loye Award 2012 was launched. The prestigious talent Award comes with 100.000 DKK. and is presented by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark on behalf of Copenhagen’s… Read more »

  • More by Kim Buck, Denmark

    You can find more information about Kim Buck and his work at his website.

  • Kim Buck, Denmark

    It is always a great inspiration to see the work by Kim Buck.

  • More by Kaori Juzu, Japanese living in Denmark

    Beautiful pendants by Kaori Juzu.

  • More by Iris Nieuwenburg, The Netherlands

    Iris Nieuwenburg writes about her work: “She creates Manipulated collages that capture a certain mood and time spirit. Brooches as frozen moments. The choice of elements, colours and composition play an important role by constructing and polishing the image, At first glance you can read them from the nice and light side and enjoy “beauty”…. Read more »

  • Colleen Jordan, USA

    Colleen Jordan writes about her Wearable Planter: “Why should your plants stay at home? They help clean the air you breathe, are beautiful, and create a wonderful conversation starter. Carry a sprout, a succulent, or a flower you found on your morning walk.” Take a look at all her other amazing ideas at her website and… Read more »

  • Iris Nieuwenburg, The Netherlands

    Iris Nieuwenburg describes her work like this: “She freely combines classic elements and the magic of pop-up fairy tale books, creating her own Alice in Wonderland of estranged scales and perspectives. The miniatures are inspired by books on 18th century French interiors, and photo’s made by designer. Nieuwenburg is intrigued by the richness of the… Read more »

  • Karin Roy Andersson, Sweden

      Karin Roy Andersson writes about the project: The Clownfish What is your opinion of the Act of Succession? The clownfish is nowadays common in aquariums in Sweden. They have become known and popular a lot because of the film “Finding Nemo”. What most people do not know about them is their remarkable hierarchy system…. Read more »

  • Lena Olson, Sweden

    I enjoy the way Lena Olson works with wood. I can see the structure of the wood, it seems light and alive. 

  • Ulrich Reithofer, Austria

      Ulrich Reithofer says about his work: “

I became a jeweler, because gold in its natural shape is little satisfying. 
The more I make, the more I see; 
the more I grasp, the more I love!
 My work is 3D poetry; autobiographic, 
pieces about: love, life the universe and all the rest”. Ulrich is represented by… Read more »

  • Charlotte Larsen, Denmark

    These are images of the beautiful pieces of work by Charlotte Larsen. They were all shown at the exhibition ‘Welcome’ in the Gallery Officinet earlier this year.

  • More by Kaori Juzu, Japanese living in Denmark

    It is with such a pleasure that I show you more work by Kaori Juzu. Make sure to visit her beautiful website as well.  

  • Kaori Juzu, Japanese living in Denmark

    I met Kaori Juzu Saturday when she was part of an exhibition at the gallery Kim Buck. What an inspiring experience to see her work.   I like the way she describes jewellery: “Jewellery” is a word that can give anyone a concrete image in a moment, though it is associated with so many different… Read more »

  • Felieke Van Der Leest, Dutchman living in Norway

    Meet the animals….                   Meet more animals at her website.

  • Annette Dickow, Denmark

    Take a look at these stunning 8 pieces of jewelery…. You find much more of her work at her website.

  • Björn Dahlberg, Sweden

    As you may remember I blogged about Gun Dahlberg from Sweden a while ago. She is married to Björn who is also very skilled and creative.  We met at a jewellery summer-course at The Art Folk High Scholl in Holbæk and they have become good friends. At The Art Folk High School Björn made the necklace… Read more »

  • Helle Bjerrum, Denmark

    On March 16th 2012 Helle Bjerrum opens a new solo exhibition called STATUS at Gallery Bærbart. She describes the exhibition like this: As the title indicates, I have explored status as a theme. The word status relates both to material values and to one’s standing in terms of reputation and position. How status is achieved… Read more »

  • Tanel Veenre, Estonia

        I have to show you these… You can find much more at his website and Facebook site.

  • Margaux Lange, USA

      She writes about the collection: My Plastic Body Series art jewelry collection utilizes salvaged Barbie doll parts in combination with hand-fabricated sterling silver and resins. My work examines and celebrates our relationship with the icon known simply as: Barbie. You find more at her blog and website.

  • More by Melissa Tolar, USA

            I have to show you some more by Melissa Tolar… Royal Icing series, 2008, copper, enamel, sterling silver, coral, pearl, thread, 18k gold plated copper, 23k gold leaf, cast plastic, paint

  • Marie Bonfils, Denmark

      All images are from the beautiful blog Mar de color rosa.

  • Lina Peterson, United Kingdom

          I am quit fascinated by the way Lina Peterson uses a combination of textile and metals in her work. Taking a look at her website I found out that she uses a lot of different materials. I will be posting more about her in the near future. The above images was from… Read more »

  • More by Karin Roy Andersson, Sweden

    As you know I am quit fascinated by the work of Karin Roy Andersson – here is more of her work. She describes it like this: Supporting structure This work has been inspired by the city of Barcelona and the infrastructure designed by Ildefons Cerdà. His straight lines and long wide avenues are characteristic for… Read more »

  • More by Karin Roy Andersson, Sweden

    I recently blogged about Karin Roy Andersson and here is 2nd part of her collection: A Constant Grinding II This is the second part of this series of self-portraits. They are made of my latest addiction, or more correctly what remains after consuming kilograms and kilograms of it. The fact that they are hybrids of… Read more »

  • Karin Roy Andersson, Sweden

    I received an e-mail from Karin Roy Andersson telling me about her projects. The story behind these pieces of jewellery caught my attention. It is a strong and important message. She writes: A Pieceful Swedish Smörgåsbord Sweden – the land of the tall blond beauties raised in a safe wealthy society with small red and… Read more »

  • Kasia Gasparski, Denmark – Christmas Greeting

    It is time for Christmas Greetings. I have received this beautiful drawing with a brooch from my favorite jeweller Kasia Gasparski. The drawing is by famous Danish artist Kathrine Ærtebjerg. The brooch is a new piece of jewellery by Kasia Gasparski.  The brooch is silver, gold and itallian coral. Every year Kasia makes these beautiful… Read more »

  • Daniela Osterrieder, Germany

    Here you find her website.

  • More by Gitte Nygaard, Denmark

    Gitte Nygaard writes about her work: ” Been there – done what to Binchotan and Black It’s rather thought provoking that minerals which all belong to the 6C carbon atom group, within the periodic table, end up in the hands of the most decadent and the most poor. I’m of course referring to carbon-containing minerals… Read more »

  • Gitte Nygaard, Denmark

    Gitte Nygaard writes about her work: ” To Binchotan and Black, is a series of experiments with the material Binchotan, also known as purifying white charcoal. Working with a material in its most unadulterated form, with a minimum of manipulations and added elements, the aim is a raw and almost unprocessed outcome. Binchotan originates from… Read more »

  • Terhi Tolvanen, Finland

            Take a look at her website.

  • Eleanor Bolton, United Kingdom

                      Link to her personal website.

  • Kaja Gjedebo, Norway

    At her website you can find much more of her work.

  • Camilla Luihn, Norway

    Se much more of her work at her website.

  • Thoughts to Norway

    I offer my deepest condolences to the people affected by the tragdegy in Norway and therefore I will dedicate the coming month to Norwegian contemporary jewellers. You are most welcome to send me links to Norwegian contemporary jewellers.

  • More by Jacob Nyberg, Sweden

    I have received these new images of work by Jacob Nyberg. Take a look at his website as well.

  • Thea Clark, USA

    Here you find work by her one of a kind “Fluidity and Form” series. They are exhibited at Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, in Montreal, Canada. You  find more of her work at Klimp02.net and at her blog.

  • Mari Ishikawa, Japanese living in Germany

    When I saw the work by Mari Ishikawa I became so inspired. The above pieces of work are part of the exhibition “Parallel Worlds” in Wasserschloss Klaffenbach in  Chemnitz, Germany (28 May – 3 July 2011). If I lived a little closer I would defenitely go and see the exhibition. She writes about the exhibition:… Read more »

  • Debbie Adamson, New Zealand

    I find it interesting when people explore their background and express their experiences in jewellery. Take a look at these pieces of work. Debbie Adamson writes about her work “I once heard that we can get to know ourselves through the things we make. I think this is a process that never ends, and this… Read more »

  • Karl Fritsch, Germany

    There is something about these rings by Karl Fritsch that makes me look at them again and again. What is it – do you experience the same? You can find more of his rings here.

  • Trine [ArtForward], Denmark – Brooch for a man no. 2

    There is also a story behind this brooch. For my husband’s birthday I gave him a trip in a helicopter. It was a dream come true for both of us. We flew over Copenhagen. It was amazing and we recognized buildings and areas – even our own apartment. After the trip I gave him this… Read more »