Julia Walter, The Netherlands

Julia Walter is interested in temporary solutions. She says: Since I live in the Netherlands I find myself surrounded by temporary solutions a lot. I was especially surprised and fascinated how houses in the center of Amsterdam are temporarily fixed and protected from bending over and falling to the side.I started a collection of photos that… Read more »

Manon van Kouswijk, Dutch living in Australia

Manon describe about her work: Manon is interested in the universal qualities of jewellery and other personal objects, the value and meaning they represent and the different roles they have in exchanges between people as gifts, souvenirs, heirlooms. In her work she makes aspects of the way we use and handle things visible in the… Read more »

Hanna Liljenberg, Sweden

Is it a flower, is it moss? Hanna Liljenberg uses paper, paint, lacquer and silver when she creates her beautiful little pieces of art. It looks almost alive – don’t you think?     Take a look at her website.

Felieke van der Leest, The Netherlands

Colours – animals – stories. Felieke van der Leest combines textile, plastic animal, gold, glass beads, leather crocheted, embroidered in her jewellery. It is facinating… take a look. Take a look at her website.

Sanna Svedestedt, Sweden

Nature is very often a source of inspiration for the works showed at this blog. It is also the case for Sanna Svedestedt in her RAW collection. She writes about her work: ABOUT THE RAW SERIES This collection is inspired by the clash between nature and modern society. The pieces have an organic quality that… Read more »

Eva Burton, Argentine living in Spain

  Find more of her work that can be worn by both women and men at her website.

Gitte Nygaard, Denmark

  It is not often that we see the process of making the jewellery. It is the final result that matters for most of us. The process of making the jewellery can, however, be very interesting. Can it also be beautiful and of interest to the audience? Gitte Nygaard asked herself that question in her collection Cherryup.  She writes… Read more »

Jiro Kamata, Japanese living in Germany

Find more about the work of Jiro Kamata here: www.jirokamata.com www.facebook.com/kamatajiro

Gitte Bjørn, Denmark

Being with Gitte Bjørn’s pieces, and with her BODY & SOUL, we forget all about conformity, about perfection and current ideals and we move towards something far more potent – we get to meet ourselves. Exactly the way we are. (Master Fatman) I have showed you work by Gitte Bjørn before, and it is such a pleasure,… Read more »

Eun Mi Chun, Korea

          All images from this gallery.    

  • Trine [ArtForward], Denmark – Brooch for a man

    A while ago I got the idea that I would like to make a brooch for my husband. I thought it could be fun to make a brooch that could change appearance so that he could decide the look of it. The solution was to make a “frame” where different images could be inserted. I… Read more »

  • Hanna Liljenberg, Sweden

    I really like thise pieces of jewellery by Hanna Liljenberg web.

  • Jacob Nyberg, Sweden

    Jacob Nyberg blog.

  • Trine [ArtForward], Denmark – Black necklace and cufflinks

    It has been time for presents. When my sister gave birth to her second child and they thereby became four in their little family I made her this necklace – with the 4 rings symbolizing mom, dad and the two sons (my nephews). She very much likes black jewelry at the moment so I oxidized… Read more »

  • More by Luis Acosta, Argentine living in The Netherlands

    A new series of paper thread necklace is ready and I am happy that I can present them here at the blog. Luis Acosta says: The first objects records for these necklace were the textile installations based my own interpretation of the Quipus, knot in Quechua language. From this point I continued to experiment with simple forms… Read more »

  • Sonya Algosaibi, Ecuador

    These jewellery comes from the “Tagua Collection”. Tagua is a nut and described like this: “In the tropical and humid mountains of Ecuador grows a singular plant called Tagua or Vegetable Ivory, similar because of its morphology to palms although botanically is not a palmaceae but it belongs to the family of the cycads …. Read more »

  • Kasia Gasparski, Denmark

    New necklaces from my favorite jewellery designer Kasia Gasparski. Inspired by the ground plan of old monastery and temples. Take a look at her website – it is quit inspiring.

  • Sari Liimatta, Finland

    Her statement is: Representatives of certain animal species. The expectations, generalizations, beliefs and symbolism around animal themes. I observe how animals were positioned in ancient cultures and especially how they still have such a powerful part in our everyday surroundings. They are connected also to many industrial materials. I try to give back their animal… Read more »

  • Alejandra Solar, Mexican living in Luxembourg

    It is with great pleasure that I present work by Alejandra Solar. Her work which you see here was selected for SCHMUCK 2011. Apparently it is the first time for a Mexican jeweller to be part of this exhibition – Congratulations. She writes about her work: Throughout my creative process I continually gather images from… Read more »

  • Laura Potter, United Kingdom

    She writes about herself: I am a jeweller, even when I am not making jewellery. For me this describes an approach to the world, and to making objects, rather than a strict set of skills employed in the production of wearable things. My aim has always been to reflect everyday habits and common beliefs, whilst… Read more »

  • Luis Acosta, The Netherlands

    Luis Acosta has transformed paper into jewellery – take a look at these necklaces and bracelets: He write about his work: As a designer he is particulary interested in forms. Once a form is found, he enlarges or repeats it. Then he concentrates on using the possibilities of that form as a basis to develop… Read more »

  • Trine [ArtForward], Denmark – Brooches

    I think that I would like to show you some more of my own work. I made these brooches and the necklace a while ago. One of the great sources of inspiration for me is the urban environment; the life we live in urban cities, the structures & textures as well as the interactions among… Read more »

  • More by Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria, Spaniard living in Belgium

    I just have to show you these images as well. I really like her work – find more inspiring photos at her website and her Kit and Caboodle profile.

  • More by Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria, Spaniard living in Belgium

    Living Yellow Jewellery – wow… see more at ther website and Kit and Caboodle profil.  Make sure to view Related Posts below as well if you would like to see more of her work.

  • Jillian Lukiwski, Canadian living in Idaho, USA

    I would like to share with you one of my absolute favorite blogs; “The Noisy Plume“. It is a blog about jewellery… and much more. I enjoy reading her thoughts about different aspects of life, watching her beautiful poetic photos and seeing how she transforms it all into pieces of jewellery where nature, animals and… Read more »

  • Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria, Spaniard living in Belgium

    I became immediately inspired when I saw the work by Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria. You find more of her work at her website as well as at her Kit and Caboodle profile.

  • Dalia Jurado, Spain

    I received these images of a number of interesting pieces of work. I especially like the way that Dalia Jurado has worked with different materials with different colours. Thanks for letting me know about your work. She is part of BORAX08 and also has her own blog.

  • Nelly Van Oost, France

    I received these images from Nelly Van Oost who is also member of BORAX08001. She writes about her work: Creating connections makes me feel alive, feeling things. I have always thought that my path is sprinkled with encounters, which sometimes make me change directions or wonder about my own life. The others are to me… Read more »

  • Diana Rolo, Portugal

    Diana Rolo writes about her work: “Someone told me one day: -“Do you realize that ever since in your work the sphere or round shapes are always present? (…)” My first reaction was of surprise, because I never had noticed the strong presence of this shape in my personal work, but then, after a bit… Read more »

  • More by Ela Tudoran, Romania

    This colorful world by Ela Tudoran can be explored at the website and Picasa-gallery.

  • Gun Dahlberg, Sweden

    A good friend of mine Gun from Sweden makes these fantastic brooches. I like the way she combines different materials into 3D experiences. As she has no website this is the only website where they are displayed.

  • Trinidad Contreras, Spain

    Just Amazing… Trinidad Contreras writes about her work: “The pieces I present are the result of the materialization of a personal and emotional state. Order, beauty and the concrete that exists within my private memory take the center role. A fortuituos encounter with nature, after having performed a sincere and demanding introspection.I feel attracted to what is known,… Read more »

  • Happy New Year 2011

    I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and all the best for 2011. Thank you for all the positive comments, ideas and input I have received from you during 2010. It has been a great pleasure, and I feel honoured to have this dialogue with you. I am looking forward  to the new year… Read more »

  • Ela Tudoran, Romania

    Ela Tudoran a jewellery-artist from Romania send me a link to her colorful work. I found it very inspiring and I am looking forward to show you more in a couble of days. If you can’t wait you can explore her work at her website and Picasa-gallery.

  • Patrìcia Correia Domingues, Portugal

    Patrìcia Correia Domingues is part of a group of jewellers from Barcelona, Spain called BORAX08001. Take a look at their website – there are a lot of interesting pieces of work.

  • Rut Malin, Sweden

      Black is beautiful…. She writes about her work: “I deconstruct to reconstruct. I mess things up. Just to put them back in order. Often in a new kind of order. It is like a never-ending flow, and that is what is keeping me running” Take a look at her website.

  • Lind & James, Danish & Australian living in Denmark

    The other day I received a mail from Stina Lind og Kevin James, a Danish/Australian desing duo. I found it quit interesting to explore their website and I especially would like to show you these pieces – all in black. It is quit interesting to see how strong an influence the colour has on the… Read more »

  • Estela Saez Vilanova, Spain

    The collection is called Good by(e) nest. Here is her website.

  • More by Carolina Gimeno, Chilean living in Barcelona Spain

    And here is more by Carolina Gimeno, wow… it is interesting to see how she works with porcelain in the jewellery making. The collection is called “Drawing in space”. Thanks a lot for sending me the images – you can find more at her website.

  • Laura Prieto-Velasco

    Laura just wrote me and told me that she has made some new pieces of work. And take a look… I really like the fragility – if there were incets in space I am sure they would look like this – beautiful! She writes about the work “Part of an ongoing series of jewelry that… Read more »

  • Carolina Gimeno, Chilean living in Barcelona, Spain

    From her collection “Draw the mist” I have the great pleasure of showing you the following. Here is her website with much more of her work.

  • Gustav Reyes, Chicago, USA

    As you might know I am very fascinated by wood – and I have worked with wood in different ways in my own jewellery. Therefore it is always a pleasure and source of great inspiration to see how other jewellers work with wood. I received these images by Gustav Reyes. And look, aren’t they fascinating…… Read more »

  • Maria Jose Fabrega, Ecuador

    I feel so priviliged. I have started to receive e-mails from people around the world telling me about their work. It is both jewellers whom I have blogged about previously who send me images of new work as well as new jewellers who have heard about the blog. Wow… what a privilliged situation. I am… Read more »

  • Rowena Murray, United Kingdom

    Rowena Murray is a fascinating jeweler – I really like the way she works with nature and describes the idea behind. “This collection of pieces is based around interaction with nature, as experienced in childhood. From simple play to elaborate make believe, nature and its products have played a valuable role in child development. Here,… Read more »

  • Sayaka Yamamoto, Japan

    Sayaka Yamamoto was born in Japan, where she graduated from the Hiko Mizuno Jewelry Collage in Tokyo in February 2005. Since September 2005 Sayaka is living in the Netherlands, and she’s graduated from the department Man & Identity at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2008. Take a look at her website. Sayaka Yamamoto is half… Read more »

  • More by Myung Urso, South Korea

    I was blogging about Myung Urso a little while ago (see link below this blog) – and I would very much like to show you some more of her interesting work. So take a look at these 3 images – a new suggestion to the way of wearing a jewellery. I recommend that you also… Read more »

  • Myung Urso, South Korean living in Rochester, NY, USA

    I really like these pieces of art.. take a look at these 5 images. I was thinking of a canopy when I saw the images – I especially like her use of the red and yellow colour. It really works well… Artist Statement: My artistic imagination transforms itself from life and nature. Painterly and sculptural… Read more »

  • Li-Chu Wu, Taiwanese living in United Kingdom

    Look at this – the materials are mainly paper – it is just fantastic! The shapes and texture – I would very much like to see how she makes these pieces. She is very inspired by nature and writes: “Nature presents its beauty through plants, rocks and landscapes. With the inspiration from nature, I recently… Read more »

  • More by Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele, Sweden

    I wrote about  Bernhard Stimpfl-Abel a little while ago – here just some more images. Find my description and more images at the previous blogpost about him (see link below). Here his website.

  • More by Marina Massone, Argentina

    I wrote about Marina in July (see link to previous blog post about her below) because I found her work inspiring – the movement and the rhythm is what I especially look at when I look at her pieces. More at her website.

  • Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele, Sweden

    I am quit fascinated by textures – it is a world of possibilities. Sometime you can control it (the final expression) and more often you can’t. An artist once told me that he sees these unexpected outcomes as “gifts”… so when you are in the process of creating a new piece of jewellery (or any… Read more »

  • More by Märta Mattsson, Sweden

      Now I am back from a lovely holiday – I hope you have enjoyed the summer as well. It is a pleasure to present more work by inspiring Märta Mattsson. I have been looking out for the inspiration from nature in the jewellery I have been blogging about and the work by Märta is… Read more »

  • Gabriela Horvat, Argentina

    And I also have to show you these images… Find more in my previous post about Gabriela Horvat (link in the bottom of this blog post) and at her website.

  • Marina Massone, Argentina

    Here you see 3 images of work by Marina Massone from Argentina. You find much more of her work at her website.