Julia Walter, The Netherlands

Julia Walter is interested in temporary solutions. She says: Since I live in the Netherlands I find myself surrounded by temporary solutions a lot. I was especially surprised and fascinated how houses in the center of Amsterdam are temporarily fixed and protected from bending over and falling to the side.I started a collection of photos that… Read more »

Manon van Kouswijk, Dutch living in Australia

Manon describe about her work: Manon is interested in the universal qualities of jewellery and other personal objects, the value and meaning they represent and the different roles they have in exchanges between people as gifts, souvenirs, heirlooms. In her work she makes aspects of the way we use and handle things visible in the… Read more »

Hanna Liljenberg, Sweden

Is it a flower, is it moss? Hanna Liljenberg uses paper, paint, lacquer and silver when she creates her beautiful little pieces of art. It looks almost alive – don’t you think?     Take a look at her website.

Felieke van der Leest, The Netherlands

Colours – animals – stories. Felieke van der Leest combines textile, plastic animal, gold, glass beads, leather crocheted, embroidered in her jewellery. It is facinating… take a look. Take a look at her website.

Sanna Svedestedt, Sweden

Nature is very often a source of inspiration for the works showed at this blog. It is also the case for Sanna Svedestedt in her RAW collection. She writes about her work: ABOUT THE RAW SERIES This collection is inspired by the clash between nature and modern society. The pieces have an organic quality that… Read more »

Eva Burton, Argentine living in Spain

  Find more of her work that can be worn by both women and men at her website.

Gitte Nygaard, Denmark

  It is not often that we see the process of making the jewellery. It is the final result that matters for most of us. The process of making the jewellery can, however, be very interesting. Can it also be beautiful and of interest to the audience? Gitte Nygaard asked herself that question in her collection Cherryup.  She writes… Read more »

Jiro Kamata, Japanese living in Germany

Find more about the work of Jiro Kamata here: www.jirokamata.com www.facebook.com/kamatajiro

Gitte Bjørn, Denmark

Being with Gitte Bjørn’s pieces, and with her BODY & SOUL, we forget all about conformity, about perfection and current ideals and we move towards something far more potent – we get to meet ourselves. Exactly the way we are. (Master Fatman) I have showed you work by Gitte Bjørn before, and it is such a pleasure,… Read more »

Eun Mi Chun, Korea

          All images from this gallery.    

  • Gabriela Horvat, Argentina

    Today I am blogging about an artists, Gabriela Horvat, that I am very inspired by. It is the materials, the rhythm, the colours, the texture.

  • Blandine LUCE, France

    I feel so privileged receiving images of inspiring jewellery. Thank you all for sending it to me. It is such a pleasure to share it here at the blog. Today’s blogpost have images from Blandine LUCE. I very much like the texture at the rings and also the way she has integrated wood. Blandine LUCE… Read more »

  • Ursula Guttmann, Austria

    I have received these interesting images from Ursula Guttman. As you know I have been exploring how nature can inspire jewellers in their work. Here is another example where nature has been a source of inspiration. Pink Blossom Black Blossom Egg Object Make sure to visit her website…

  • Exhibition by Karen Fly, Denmark

    These pieces of jewellery are part of an exhibition by Danish Goldsmith Karen Fly in Greenland (Katuaq in Nuuk) opening July 8th 2010. Again an excellent example of how nature has been the source of inspiration and have been incorporated in the jewellery. The related posts show other examples of nature within jewellery…

  • Rosa Nogués, Spain

    Another thing that fascinates me is nature and how we can use it in our creative work – it is a great source of inspiration. Rosa Nogués is a good example of a jeweller who – as I see her jewellery – get inspiration from nature and integrate nature in her work. These 4 images… Read more »

  • Barbara Deriemaeker, Belgium

    In my investigation of jewellery that are aiming at contributing to making this place a better place I found Barbara Deriemaeker. As you know I have been looking at how jewelry may change our world in a positive direction. When I see these images and read about the thoughts behind I think we can… What… Read more »

  • Marie-Louise Kristensen, Denmark

    I have received these 4 images of work by Marie-Louise Kristensen. Thank you so much Marie-Louise for updating me with new photos and explaining me the story behind… Whit this jewellery Marie-Louise Kristensen is commenting on the “Me-culture”. We see the “Me-culture” in sports programmes, life style programmes and scene shows. Show me your wardrobe,… Read more »

  • Online exhibition – Frida Åberg, Sweden

    Frida Åberg has send me a link to the online exhibition “I Care A Lot” where she exhibits together with a number of other jewellers. The “I Care A Lot” exhibition is such a good example of how we in smaller or larger scale can make this place a better place. The project’s aim is… Read more »

  • More by Marie-Louise Kristensen, Denmark

    Take a look at her website.

  • Marie-Louise Kristensen, Denmark

    Take a look at here website.

  • More from Rebecca Deans, USA

    As promised yesterday here is more of the work from Rebecca Deans.

  • Rebecca Deans, USA

    I will post more from Rebecca Deans the following days – if you can’t wait take a look at her website.

  • Elke Munkert, Germany

    You find much more at her website.

  • Katja Prins, The Netherlands

    I just received this image of new work by Katja Prins – thanks Katja for sending it to me. The necklace is called “Bound By Blood” and has it’s own story: “This necklace brings together and mixes various prayer-necklaces, which only differ in detail. Prayerbeads are being used in several religions and they all have… Read more »

  • Mona Wallström, Sweden

    These pieces are from a collection called “Ode to F.” She writes about the collection: “F. was my grandmother. She was a strong, active and very central person in my family. I loved her very much. She had lived through hard times, many sorrows as well as joy, and still had a good life. Her… Read more »

  • Sofia Björkman, Sweden

    Sifia Björkman is part of the Gallery Platina – find more about her here.

  • Kirsten Spuijbroek, The Netherlands

    Here you find her website.

  • Mette Saabye, Denmark

    I have received these images from Mette Saabye – thanks Mette. The jewellery has been accepted as part of Collect. At Collect she is represented by Galleri Louise Smit. “The new work by Mette Saabye is based on the theme of Remembrance. Each work refers to a special occasion. Different found objects are covered up… Read more »

  • More by Kia Utzon-Frank, Denmark

    I also want to show you these pieces from Kia Utzon-Frank – as you can see she is working a lot with amber. You find more work by Kia Utzon-Frank at her website. Photos by Thomas Cato.

  • Kia Utzon-Frank, Denmark

    I received these images yesterday – take a close look at the stunning ring. You find more work by Kia Utzon-Frank at her website. Photos by Thomas Cato.

  • More by Annette Dickow, Denmark

    Photo by Dorte Krogh. Thank you so much Annette for sending me these images of jewellery with the keyword “my grandmother”. Make sure also to take a look at her webpage. Previous blog-post (here and here) about Annette Dickow Munch.

  • Annette Dickow, Denmark

    Photo by Dorte Krogh Thank you so much Annette for sending me these images. I really like your idea with the wedding rings where the couple put their fingerprints in the rings. Take a look at her webpage. Previous blog-post about Annette Dickow Munch.

  • Carolina Vallejo, Denmark

      Carolina Vallejo website.  The ring is called “Happiness” and is part of the CC10, Craft Collection 10 by Danish Crafts.

  • More by Susanne Klemm, Holland

    Susanne Klemm website.

  • More by Susanne Klemm, Holland

    Susanne Klemm website.

  • Susanne Klemm, Holland

    I received these amazing pieces of jewellery – thanks Susanne for sending the images to me. I think I will post some more by Susanne Klemm the following days. Until then take a look at her website.

  • Katja Prins, Holland

    I have received these amazing pieces of work from Katja Prins – thank you so much for sending it to me. Here is her website – with more information and images of her work. She alwo send me her statement: “My work is about the (intimate) relationship between human bodies and mechanic devices, (medical) technology… Read more »

  • Lucy Sarneel, Holland

          Lucy Sarneel says about her work: “To me a jewel represents a place in the world in which one can loose oneself like in the sparkling of a diamond or the carefull observation of little plants or moss. The alienation that results from the competition between ‘the natural’ and the ‘artificial’ is… Read more »

  • More by Kasia Gasparski, Denmark

    I think you already know – Kasia is among my absolute favourite jewellers…. Therefore I will show a little more of her amazing world… The rings and the brooch (at the two first images) are inspired by bamboo. Visit Kasia Gasparskis  website and gallery/workshop “Guldkompagniet” in Kompagnistræde 25, Copenhagen K.

  • Brigit Daamen, Holland

    Take a look at her website. I have found this website that displays some of her images in a larger size – so that you can see more of the details.

  • Karina Noyons, Denmark

    Another Danish jeweller that I want to share with you here at the blog is Karina Noyons.

  • Annette Dickow, Denmark

    Today I have received this image from Annette Dickow Munck – thank you so much for sending it to me Annette. Take a look at her website as well. (Photo by Dorthe Krogh). You can see her wedding rings at the exhibition hosted by Kasia Gasparski in Copenhagen (Guldkompagniet, Kompagnistræde 25, 1208 København K, T:… Read more »

  • Karen Fly, Denmark

    These rings are made of Melamin. The material used for cubs and other tableware… often used for trips to the forest or when you go camping. You can read much more about it at her website (Danish only).   Karen Fly is member of the group Galleri Metal.

  • Frida Åberg, Sweden

    Look – I received these amazing images from Frida Åberg – take a look. You can see more images and read about Frida Åberg at her website. She also writes a blog. At her website she writes about her work: “Frida Åberg’s expression combines poetic value with romantic memories. The material and tactical qualities of… Read more »

  • Exhibition of wedding rings in Copenhagen – right now!

    If you are in Copenhagen I can really recommend you to go and visit the Wedding ring exhibition hosted by jeweller Kasia Gasparski. The exhibition contains wedding rings made by 28 recognized Danish jewellers and runs from March 20th to April 10th 2010. It is full of ideas and interesting interpretations of the wedding ring… Read more »

  • Mia Maljojoki, Finn living in Germany

    I have received these images of some of the newest work from Mia Maljojoki. Thank you Mia for sending it to me. The necklace is from her final presentation at Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, München, Germany. The collection is called “ICICLE BALLAD”, Selected works 2008-2010. The materials are plaster, pigment, alginate, paint, plastic, shell,… Read more »

  • Tobias Alm, Stockholm

    Tobias Alm website.

  • Yvette Bredsted, Denmark

    Take a look at her website.

  • Kirsten Bak, Denmark

    BAKS is a socially conscious jewellery company launched by Kirsten Bak. The expression of BAKS is a combination of a classic look mixed with an innovative composition of materials. Since 2006 BAKS new jewel works with fair trade metal. The Association MAX HAVELAAR in Denmark recommends the BAKS FAIR jewellery. Take a look at her… Read more »

  • Ted Noten, Holland

    Haunted by 36 Women… more at his website.

  • Ruudt Peters, Holland

    Ruudt Peters lives and works in Amsterdam- Stockholm- Ravenstein. Find much more interesting work at his website.

  • I have got my first comment

    I am so happy. I have got the first comment from a blog reader at my blog. It was from Amy Tavern… thank you so much. It means a lot to me to know how you experience my blog. I wish you all a beautiful day…

  • Anne Manna, Copenhagen

    The rings are made by Greenlandic Gold Anne is a Danish goldsmith living in Valby. You find more images at her website.

  • Trine [ArtForward], Denmark – Necklace with a horse

    Visiting Island was a great inspiration, liking horses another. The necklace is made of a red cotton string with glass perls and the horse is made of Sterling silver.