Julia Walter, The Netherlands

Julia Walter is interested in temporary solutions. She says: Since I live in the Netherlands I find myself surrounded by temporary solutions a lot. I was especially surprised and fascinated how houses in the center of Amsterdam are temporarily fixed and protected from bending over and falling to the side.I started a collection of photos that… Read more »

Manon van Kouswijk, Dutch living in Australia

Manon describe about her work: Manon is interested in the universal qualities of jewellery and other personal objects, the value and meaning they represent and the different roles they have in exchanges between people as gifts, souvenirs, heirlooms. In her work she makes aspects of the way we use and handle things visible in the… Read more »

Hanna Liljenberg, Sweden

Is it a flower, is it moss? Hanna Liljenberg uses paper, paint, lacquer and silver when she creates her beautiful little pieces of art. It looks almost alive – don’t you think?     Take a look at her website.

Felieke van der Leest, The Netherlands

Colours – animals – stories. Felieke van der Leest combines textile, plastic animal, gold, glass beads, leather crocheted, embroidered in her jewellery. It is facinating… take a look. Take a look at her website.

Sanna Svedestedt, Sweden

Nature is very often a source of inspiration for the works showed at this blog. It is also the case for Sanna Svedestedt in her RAW collection. She writes about her work: ABOUT THE RAW SERIES This collection is inspired by the clash between nature and modern society. The pieces have an organic quality that… Read more »

Eva Burton, Argentine living in Spain

  Find more of her work that can be worn by both women and men at her website.

Gitte Nygaard, Denmark

  It is not often that we see the process of making the jewellery. It is the final result that matters for most of us. The process of making the jewellery can, however, be very interesting. Can it also be beautiful and of interest to the audience? Gitte Nygaard asked herself that question in her collection Cherryup.  She writes… Read more »

Jiro Kamata, Japanese living in Germany

Find more about the work of Jiro Kamata here: www.jirokamata.com www.facebook.com/kamatajiro

Gitte Bjørn, Denmark

Being with Gitte Bjørn’s pieces, and with her BODY & SOUL, we forget all about conformity, about perfection and current ideals and we move towards something far more potent – we get to meet ourselves. Exactly the way we are. (Master Fatman) I have showed you work by Gitte Bjørn before, and it is such a pleasure,… Read more »

Eun Mi Chun, Korea

          All images from this gallery.    

  • Kasia Gasparski, Denmark is part of the Craft Collection 14.

    The new Craft Collection 14. by Danish Crafts is on it’s way… and one of the selected jewellers is Kasia Gasparski with her new wedding rings. Take a look at Kasia Gasparski’s website and see the previous Craft Collections here. Kasia was also part of the Craft Collection 13. with her Pippi’s Choice necklaces (see… Read more »

  • Peter Bauhuis, Germany

    Find more of Peter Bauhuis work at his website.

  • Anne Lene Løvhaug, Norway

    Anne Lene Løvhaug lives in Oslo, Norway – I suggest you visit her website. She writes about herself: I am an goldsmith and jewellery artist who has been using textile techniques and materials for a long time. I have concentrated in particular on crochet, which is a technique that allows me to construct form in… Read more »

  • Ruth Tomlinson, London

    You find more of Ruth Tomlinson’s work at her website as well as on other blogs e.g. .amy tarven. The below picture is from Designersponge.  

  • Hanna Hedman – Sweden

    You find her work at Kit & Caboodle and at her website.

  • Animals in silver and gold by Gitte Bjørn, Denmark

    Today I will show you something you might call jewellery for the table. It is so beautiful and fantastic. The other evening I had the pleasure to drink wine from one of the flamingo glasses… and it was just amazing. You find more work by Gitte Bjørn at her website.

  • Christmas greetings from Kasia Gasparski, Denmark

    Take a look at this Christmas card from Kasia Gasparski. It is pendants made by Sterling silver and pearls. The pendant is made in occasion of the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen COP15. It is melting snowdrops.

  • Ela Bauer, The Netherlands

    Ela Bauer has studied at the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam. See more at her website

  • Trine [ArtForward], Denmark – Necklace with wood

    I made this necklace of Sterling Silver and Cocobolo wood.

  • Trine [ArtForward], Denmark – Rings

    The purpose of this blog is also to show you some of my own work on occasion. I spent two amazing weeks at a summer jewellery school at Holbæk Kunsthøjskole this summer – our teacher was Josephine Winther. I made these rings during my stay. They are cast in Sterling Silver. More of my work… Read more »

  • Meiri Ishida, Japan

    Meiri Ishida lives and work in Tokyo, Japan. Has studied at ALCHIMIA Contemporary jewellery school in Italy. “I find the door to the creative world from the familiar things in my daily life. The doors are opening in the grass,On the face of the dog passing by my side,In a crying baby’s voice,In the open… Read more »

  • Sina Emrich, Germany

      Sina Emrich is from Mainz in Germany. View more at her very inspiring website and blog.

  • Susanne Forsström, Sweden

    Susanne Forsström, 1980, Skellefteå, Sweden.

  • Mette Saabye, Denmark

      Mette Saabye is a Danish jeweller who lives and work in Copenhagen. You can visit her website or her shop in Studiestræde 25B, 1455 Copenhagen K – it is a beautiful little shop full of her magnificent jewellery.

  • More by Kasia Gasparski, Denmark

    I also have to show you these…. This image of more Pippi’s Choice necklaces added Feb 2010: Visit Kasia Gasparskis site and shop “Guldkompagniet” in Kompagnistræde 25, Copenhagen K. Images from Smykkeskrinet – Danish Arts Counsil.

  • Anna Lorich, USA

    Anna Lorich lives and work in New York City. All of her things are so beautiful – you have to take a look at her website.

  • Anna Davern, Australia

    Annadee (Anna Davern) is from Australia… see more of these amazing little pieces of art at her blog or her website

  • Hafsteinn Juliusson, Island

    Bring nature with you – wau… it is beautiful. Jewellery by Hafsteinn Juliusson from Island. He says about his jewellery: “Growing Jewelry is a redefinition of modern values. It is a clash of jewelry an gardening; couture and organism. The collection of this hand jewelry is designed for people in metropolitan cities and is an… Read more »

  • Silvina Romero, Argentina

    Silvina Romero is from Buenos Aires, Argentina – take a look at her site.

  • Jimenarios, Argentina

    Sometimes merging things – in this case two different techniques of craft – gives a new an interesting outcome. This brooch is made by jimenarios from Argentina. Find a number of other pieces at her site or blog.

  • Welcome – Jacqueline Ryan, Italy

    Often I see jewellery that are little pieces of art. I get inspired, happy and fascinated at the same time . This blog is dedicated to contemporary jewellery that I find inspiring, beautiful and interesting. Every piece of jewellery can find its way to this blog – the only criteria is that I find it… Read more »